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  As the owner of a piece of flying capital, there is something I would like you to consider.  If you've ever watched NASCAR, you'll know that the driver has a tendency to savor the all of the glory, but even a novice enthusiast will agree that without an experienced pit crew, and wise Crew Chief, the race team would be nothing more than a pretty picture displayed on a cereal box.  As with your flight department, your maintenance team, even a team of one, can make or break your operation. 


A majority of your operational costs flow through the hangar, and the person you place as your century at the hangar door, controls that spending.  A Good maintenance manager will pay for him/herself each year you keep them employed.  A good example, I worked a recently purchased 601-1A that was previously managed by unnamed management company.  The maintenance director told me he budgeted 1.5M a year for maintenance on the aircraft.  I managed the same aircraft for 2 years with a budget of 250K a year, with documentable savings of over $600K, at a cost of less than 40K a year in the difference in salaries.  Employ anything other than a maintenance manager, to manage your aircraft, and you may as well keep your aircraft broker's phone number on speed dial.  And whatever you do, never assume the maintenance shop is looking after it.  If your questioning your decision about, just who is watching after your aircraft, give me a call, and I can get you back on track.

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