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As an aircraft technician, since the mid 1990s,I started my career by enlisting in the US Air Force as a C-5 Flying Crew Chief.  After traveling the world over and accumulating over 3500 flight hours, I honorably separated the Air Force, and headed home to Southern California to start my new career.  After a few months working line service at the FBO, I landed my first position with a Challenger 604 operator.  From there, I've periodically moved as flight departments closed around me, and planes changed hands.  Throughout my travels, I had the privilege of working with some of the finest Maintenance Managers and Aircrew in the country; each sharing with me, new tools to deal with the ever changing business we live in.  Throughout my career, held positions from floor mechanic to department manager. I've also been published, and quoted by Bombardier, CAMP Systems, B&CA, and NBAA.  I am also a seated member of the Challenger Steering Committee.

As has happened so many times before, I received notice that my current aircraft was to be put on the chopping block, and I was faced with another change.  This time, with my first child here, and I decided to take destiny into my own hands, and offer my services, as a consultant.

As Classic Challenger Consulting LLC., I'm offering tailor-made solutions to solve a variety of complications, from AOG call-outs, to off-site maintenance management.

                                           - Les "Lefty" Kenyon


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