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Thank You for visiting ClassicChallenger.com.  As the Business Aviation industry continues to feel significant pain in the current economy, we are actively working to reduce the operational costs of aircraft ownership.  Given the opportunity, we will bring together maintenance and operational relationships, fostered over the years, to provide the highest quality service while benefiting your bottom line.

                                    -Les "Lefty" Kenyon

                                                      Aircraft Maintenance Manager



Listing of Available Services (Brochure.PDF)


Offsite/Onsite Maintenance Management, Daily or Monthly Retainer

Aircraft Sales Technical Assistance Buying & Selling

Maintenance Event Preparation & Oversight

AOG Management, and Technical Services

Discounted Parts Procurement and Due Diligence

Owner Audits of Managed Aircraft Utilization and Cost Analysis

FAR135, Conformity Assistance, Manual Authoring, Temp DOM Duties

Relief Tech Services for Vacationing or Vacant DOM Positions

Maintenance Manager Placement Services and Training

Anything Else an In-house Maintenance Manger Could Provide

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APU Fault Panel


Main Ship's Battery

MLG Wheel/Tire Assy



AOA Vain Angle Tool

Proximity Switch Test Box

IDG Servicing Adapter

Skydrol Servicing Tank

Tire Change Bottle Jack

Wheel Change Adapters